Jon C Butler & John Knapp – Butler-Knapp [Digital Download]

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1 The Dealer 4:41
2 Your Time Ain’t Long 4:30
3 Can’t Stop 4:27
4 Good Enough 3:41
5 Bring It to Your Door 5:31
6 Across This Land 3:39
7 Space For Rent 5:35
8 Freddie Don’t Know 4:29
9 At Least She Got to Dance 4:02
10 First You Got to Walk 5:24
11 While the Light is Sleeping 4:11

1 review for Jon C Butler & John Knapp – Butler-Knapp [Digital Download]

  1. Missing Link Us

    Urr, if anyone were to care, The Loyal Serpent by the other John Butler is listed on wiki as being one your CD’s? Is he your son? Because, if he’s not, I do not want to waste my time confusing his jamrockendlessmindless with your very specifically unique visionary English Blues approach? You’re a standout and we need to all stop confusing these two people. Except if, he’s your son? Respect of another rock artist would not be good enough. Thank you very kindly. If you disagree, please politely decline?

    • dieselpa

      The Australian blues guy is nothing to do with John Butler from Diesel Park West. The Loyal Serpent is a 1997 release by The Diesels John Butler who in-fact changed his professional name to Jon C Butler for his” The Universal Stranger” album ( 2017) and will remain so for all subsequent solo albums to avoid confusion with the Australian guy..

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